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Q: ProcessSensor Info
A: ProcessSensor Info

ASI Industrial Sensors
ASI industrial sensors cover a wide range of applications, while we may not show the exact sensor you are thinking of in these pages, we would enjoy for you to provide us with your sketch and let our engineering department design the ultimate electrode for your company.

Installation Information
ASI carries several types of industrial electrodes made for specific connection types. The most common type of sensor are the Inline/Submersible designs. We carry ½”, ¾”, 1” & 1½” NPT models. We recommend the following types of uses for these sensors:

Another common type of sensor is the Twistlock design. We carry ¾”NPT and 1” NPT models that can also be used in submersible applications as already shown. The Twistlock design is simple to install and remove for easy cleaning. One simple ¼ turn will either lock or free the sensor from the mounting adapter. In addition, we can supply a safety ring that mounts on top of the adapter in case the user does not complete the full ¼ turn to lock the sensor. We recommend the following types of uses for this sensor:

The Field Rebuildable sensor is similar to the twistlock design for installation, with the exception of not having the twistlock feature. Our Field Rebuildable design uses a mounting adapter and a locking adapter cap that fits over the electrode securing the electrode in place. This electrode is available for 2"Pipe "T"s and for 1" NPT Submersible applications. The key feature of this electrode is the ability to remove just the sensing element and replace it with a fresh sensor.

Hot Tap Assemblies and sensors are also available from ASI. We carry Kynar and 316 Stainless Steel versions of this assembly that can be seen on the next page. Both designs come with an integral ball valve assembly, relief valves and a junction box on the back. Typically we manufacture the total pipe lengths at 17", but we can customize the pipe size easily. The standard connection size for our Hot Tap assemblies is 1½” NPT.Below are our mounting suggestions for both designs:

NOTE: ASI does not provide water proof cable unless it is requested. It is suggested that submersible applications use PVC pipe to protect the cable from water intrusion. It is also suggested that all industrial sensors are used at a minimum 10˚ angle to ensure proper reference function.

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