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Q: pH/ORP Stems
A: While many customers are just looking for a reliable electrode, many customers ask us if we are able to supply stem work or sub-assembly product - our answer is absolutely!
ASI offers work on electrochemical sensors up to the point you desire - whether you want to just add your own cable or you just want the pH stem, ASI can deliver what you need.
Take a look here in our pH and ORP stem section and if you don't see what you want, call us today to quote your needs.

ASI offers 5 pH glass styles and 4 ORP elements routinely to our customers based on their design requirements. In addition, ASI has 5 glass stem sizes that are also offered. See below for more information:
Glass Stem Sizes:
• 0.115” (2.92mm)
• 0.135” (3.43mm)
• 0.195” (4.95mm)
• 0.235” (5.97mm)
• 0.310” (7.87mm)
• 0.325” (8.26mm)
Each stem size has different features and benefits that would be too difficult to communicate in this catalog, so please contact ASI for help in determining which glass type or ORP element would work best with each stem size.

The major difference in each stem in relation to pH bulbs is the differences in impedances for each stem size. It is also important to note that ASI can use each pH bulb in a variety of sizes and shapes.

The most common are:
• Flat (self-cleaning)
• Convex (semi-flat - not shown)
• Hemi (Full bulb)
• Spear Tip (used in piercing applications)
• Dome (typical of process sensors)
• Hard Dome (reworkable glass used for extreme applications)
These are shown (left) in the same order from right to left.
ORP elements are available in:
• Platinum Band
• Gold Disk
• Platinum Disk
• Platinum Pin/Rod
These are shown to the right in the same order from top to bottom. Contact us today to determine which is the best for you.

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