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History of ASI
ASI owes its humble beginnings to its founders, Peter & Yuxian Cai. In 1989 Peter and Yuxian started ASI in the garage of their home. Peter & Yuxian have spent the last 30 years working for electrode manufacturing companies, learning and contributing to the progression of this industry. Yuxian was trained as a glass blower for pH stems in China and has trained all glass blowers at ASI and Aurora.
Starting with a hand full of electrode designs, Peter & Yuxian set out to develop different glass formulas to differentiate ASI from the competition. Today, ASI has 5 glass formulas for pH and one for sodium, in addition to 24 ion selective electrode formulas, 4 ORP (Redox) formats, 5 conductivity designs and many other techniques that Peter and Yuxian have developed at ASI for OEM customers.
In 1989, ASI had two employees in a garage and today ASI employs over 120 employees world-wide with offices in Texas, Colorado, and Shanghai (China). We own two buildings with a total manufacturing space of 31,000 square feet. In addition to manufacturing employees, ASI has two engineering groups to service our customers in the US and abroad. In 2000, ASI added tooling and injection molding to an ever expanding portfolio of products and services.
We would like to thank our customers for their years of loyalty and we look forward to many more years of providing our customers with great customer service, quality and affordable products as well as world-class engineering services.