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Aurora Scientific Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is a solely owned Shanghai branch of the U.S Company, Analytical Sensors & Instruments Ltd. With the advanced technology of ASI, Aurora is specialized in manufacturing various electrochemical (E-chem.) sensors, not only for the U.S market, but also to be exported to Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Japan, and Taiwan markets to OEM for many name brand E-chem instrument manufacturers. Our E-chem sensors receive a warm welcome from the E-chem industry and are highly praised by domestic and overseas customers in matter of quality or in terms of appearance.

Seeing the demand for high performance E-chem sensors in the domestic market, Aurora has started to manufacture Aurora Brand electrodes to match various E-chem instruments made in China as well. To promote our domestic market electrodes, Aurora is providing the broad E-chem industry with the electrodes at a very competitive price for the domestic market while at the same time assuring you of the best quality.

As the branch of ASI in the U.S, Aurora can provide various industrial on-line electrodes and new model lab sensors manufactured by ASI to customers in China, such as pH, ISE, conductivity, DO and ORP electrodes.

In this catalog we have listed some of the lab sensors and electrode accessories made by Aurora and some of the industrial on-line electrodes and ion selective electrodes made by ASI. We sincerely welcome you to select Aurora brand electrodes. We will have products to meet the needs of all E-chem analysts.